Our Team and Journey

The building and construction industry comes with an extreme amount of risk and responsibility. Difficulty and friction in the building supply chain is not unheard of - it's a well-known problem that BuildSort seeks to address.

BuildSort is the culmination of four years of product design and R&D. This page gives you insight on our team and journey.

Meet the BuildSort Team

Chris Dorian
CEO & Co-Founder
Ryan How
CTO & Co-Founder
Aaron D'cruz
CMO & Co-Founder
Lee Overton
Sushil Karki

Full-Stack Developer

Narayan Nyaupane

Full-Stack Developer

Peter Pons
Full-Stack Developer
Melissa Harris

Financial Controller

Our Advisors

The Journey so Far

  • January 2014Curtin Incubate Participant

  • December 2014Builders E-Commerce Launched

  • January 2017Westpac 200 Business of Tomorrow Winner

  • February 2017INCITE Awards Startup of the Year

  • April 2018BlockEngine Winner - Best Blockchain Solution

  • COMING SOON - Enquire for detailsBuildSort Release

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