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BuildSort to collaborate on the $511m East Rockingham Waste to Energy Project to run a world-first smart contract platform

BuildSort set to collaborate on the $511m East Rockingham Waste to Energy project to implement a proof-of-concept smart contract platform.

Perth, WA, 2 April 2020

Perth-based construction software startup, BuildSort, is set to collaborate with the East Rockingham Waste to Energy (ERWTE) Project to implement its proof-of-concept smart contract platform on the delivery of the $511m plant in East Rockingham, Western Australia (WA).

The plant will treat around 300,000 tons of residual waste, preventing more than 300,000 tons of CO2e pollution per year. It will have the net capacity to generate 29 Megawatts of renewable energy – enough to power more than 36,000 households1.

“Collaborating on this state-of-the-art project”, says BuildSort CEO, Chris Dorian, “will help demonstrate BuildSort’s capability to automate high-risk construction processes.”

BuildSort’s smart contract platform is designed to automate complex construction processes, including procedures for contractual disputes, project delays and variations of work.

An Arcadis report released in 2019, highlights that the number one cause of construction disputes is parties failing to understand or comply with contractual obligations2.

“Using BuildSort, we have turned these important processes into clear workflows for project stakeholders to review and instantly take action on with complete traceability and accountability,” says Chris.

“The entire process is non-siloed and digitised, so project managers get a birds-eye view of every contractual process currently in play. They can zoom into every action and historical detail, helping them identify all they need in a blink and take action in a click. Built with personal experience, we hope BuildSort helps project managers remove the stresses they take home at the end of the day.”

ERWTE acting CEO, Robert Kay notes that “as well as driving innovation in the waste industry, by converting Perth’s waste into sustainable energy, we have an opportunity to drive much-needed innovation into the construction sector during delivery.”

“BuildSort’s platform is a fresh approach to project and contract management, and we look forward to examining its performance in practice.

“ERWTE is a complex project with multiple stakeholders and contractual obligations to be monitored and managed. Having BuildSort’s digital tools to track and automate these functions will provide certainty that obligations are being met and done more efficiently than traditional methods.”

About the East Rockingham Waste to Energy Project (ERWTE)

The ERWTE project encompasses the design, construction, financing and operation of a greenfield Waste-to-Energy (WtE) facility in the Rockingham Industry Zone, 40km south of the Perth Central Business District.

The new facility, at the cost of $511 million, will treat approximately 300,000 tonnes per year of residual waste from municipal, commercial and industrial sources and up to 30,000 tonnes per year of biosolids. The facility will also recover around 70,000tpa of bottom ash which will be further processed for use in road bases and other construction materials. The WtE facility will generate 29MW of baseload renewable energy, enough to power over 36,000 homes and reduce emissions by more than 300,000 tonnes CO2e per year, the equivalent of taking almost 64,000 cars off the road.

About BuildSort

The BuildSort platform is a complete toolkit for efficient construction.

The platform addresses construction’s key issues around inefficient contract administration, data silos, and ineffective document control by utilising smart contracts and workflow automation, 3D BIM, collaboration tools and more.

As a benefit, BuildSort facilitates openness, transparency and trust amongst all construction stakeholders, empowering builders, government & regulatory agencies to streamline the design and building process.


Aaron D'cruz

Chief Marketing Officer

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