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Perth’s BuildSort wins the Top Prize at Block Engine, Melbourne

Following ten weeks in Melbourne’s first incubator program, BuildSort wins the Best Blockchain Solution award at the event’s closing ceremony

Melbourne, VIC, 27 April 2018 – Perth based blockchain startup, BuildSort, is proud to announce that the company has won the Best Blockchain Solution award at Block Engine – Melbourne’s first blockchain incubator program.

After ten weeks of intense workshops and mentorship from 50 highly respected blockchain and technology veterans, BuildSort and nine other companies pitched to over 500 guests and a panel of judges at Metropolis in Melbourne’s Southgate.

The three announced prizes were selected by judges Justine Italianer (Incubator Consultant), Jenny Qin (Blockchain Global, General Manager), Anoosh Manzoori (Shape Capital, CEO), Martin Halford (BlockGrain, CTO), and Shane Stevenson (Cointree, CEO).

The prizes included the Best Team, Best Business Idea, and BuildSort’s celebrated, Best Blockchain Solution. The prize included 10,000CAN (CanYa Tokens), two hours of private consultation with JP Thor and the revered opportunity to feature on the Nuggets News YouTube Channel.

CanYa General Manager, Kai Ansaari, who presented the award to BuildSort, emphasised the importance of the award, stating that: “Disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, are a profound economic force in the world with the power to drive significant change in business, economies and social structures.

“The smart contract technology that is integrated as part of BuildSort will reduce operational inefficiencies, save businesses time and money, and get money to the people who need it the most.”

BuildSort Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Dorian expressed that the “Block Engine is an incredible incubation program that gave us an ideal environment to develop our vision, design our technology, and build valuable connections.

“As a structural engineer of 17 years, I’ve personally spent at least 50% of my day tackling the tasks that the BuildSort solution is designed to automate. It’s built for the industry and professionals like me.

“Leaving no room for error in the building planning and approvals process will also see many deadly building hazards avoided, and cash flow problems faced by stakeholders in the supply chain resolved.

"The Block Engine program and the team at Blockchain Centre has been pivotal to all the participating teams. These ten intense weeks have actually translated to years of progress.

“BuildSort is proud to have been awarded the Best Blockchain Solution. This validation of our solution has given us tremendous energy and confidence in what we want to bring to the industry.

“The team at BuildSort is already hard at work developing the product and we're launching an ICO very soon."

The solution being built by BuildSort will utilise Blockchain technology for planning and building approvals that lead to the building supply chain. BuildSort aims to make the construction supply chain faster, automated, and transparent. Providing better cash flow and reducing risk for all its stakeholders.


Aaron D'cruz

Chief Marketing Officer

[email protected]

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